Street-art, or mural (wall-art) when created indoors, takes the viewer into extraordinary and unique worlds. Due to the large scale and the grand designs, it is easy to get lost in the creative scenarios. Whether in the private sector or for a business, Carola's unmistakable brushstroke makes walls and rooms stand out. Different materials and colours create individual works of art. Murals take a break from everyday grind and bring momentum and color to life.

"Cassandra" - private apartment

"Carla" - Ströck Brot im Ringturm in Wien

"Amália" - old town of Faro (Portugal)

"Miami Beach" - private apartment

"Argentinean nights" - El Gaucho Graz

"Flamingoworld" - Citybeach Graz powered by Red Bull

"Social Room" - Intact GmbH Lebring

"Asia feeling" - Streets: famous food and drinks

"Enter the dream" - Gallery CAGE Barcelona

"CREATE THE FUTURE" - Villa Rosenhof WKO Steiermark

"SWING TIME-OUT" - private apartment

"NAMASTE" - private apartment - New York

"BACK IN TIME" - private apartment

"Coconut Island" - Citybeach Graz powered by Red Bull

"We love Frida" - DECASA Studio Graz